(Iranian shorts 2024/فیلم کوتاه های ایرانی)

Iran , 2022, 81 min.

  • Director Reza Jamali
  • Cast Hamdollah Salimi, Behrouz Allahverdizadeh, Maryam Momen, Safat Ahari, Naser Mohebi, Velayat Khoubdel


FERESHTEH, Iran/USA, 2022, 15min.
Director: Elika Rezaee
Writers: Elika Rezaee & Heliya Rezaee
Producers: Nader Rezaee & Heliya Rezaee
Cast: Fereshteh Terhrani, Pesteh and Jessy
Synopsis: “Fereshteh” is a narrative/experimental short film about a day in the life of an aging Iranian mother dealing with loneliness in the face of ever-receding promises by her family to visit.



Suicide Nietzschean, 2022, 17.47 min.
Written & Directed & Produced by: Payam Kurdistani
Cast: Sal Galofaro, Tabassom Ostad, Rory O’Brien
Synopsis: A suicide pharmacy owner tries to delay the suicide of the only midwife in his city until after his pregnant wife gives birth. Out of his efforts comes a novel suicide method that can revive his customers’ will to live.



NAHAL, Iran, 2022, 8min.
Writer & Director: Mehran Qorbani
Producers: Saeed Khani, Reyhaneh Rad
Cast: Paria Doosti, Sima Tirandaz, Bijan Banafshehkhah
Synopsis: A girl named Nahal has won the first place in the Quran recitation competition. But because of the video of Nahal singing on social media, the award and plaque of appreciation are taken away from her.

After Normalcy

AFTER NORMALCY, Iran, 2022, 14 min.
Writer & Director: Saeed Seirii
Producer: Ebrahim Ebrahimian
Cast: Mehrnoush Sattari, Donya Madani, Payam Ahmadinia, Rounika Bahram zadeh, Nima Sokout, Shahab Abassian, Alireza Gilvari.
Synopsis: “After the normal routine “ is the story of people who are affecting others’ lives due to sanction’s changes and their lives no longer are the same. The people we pass by every day.


COCOON, Iran, 2023, 15min.
Writer & Director: Saeed Bojnoordi
Cast: Milad Shajareh
Synopsis: Musa suffered a nervous shock in the aerial bombardments of the war and has woven a mental cocoon for himself and avoids others. This loneliness has turned him into an artist painter, but the void of love in his life is evident.


Morse, Iran, 2022, 25min.
Writer & Directed: Ronak Jafari
Producers: Mohammad Yousefi, Amir Hossein Enayati
Cast: Hadi Hejazifar (Bahram), Saman Saffari (Fariborz), Salman Farkhondeh (Ali), Sahra Asadollahi (Atefeh),

Hooman Rahnamoon (Seyed Alishah).
Synopsis: Three
 ex-political prisoners, all of them once sentenced to death, gather to summon the ghost of Khosrow, one of
their old comrades. It’s said that Khosrow had committed suicide in prison, but now would they find a way to the
truth in their reunion?

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