A childless village

A Childless village

(A Childless village/روستای بی فرزند)

Iran , 2022, 81 min.

  • Director Reza Jamali
  • Cast Hamdollah Salimi, Behrouz Allahverdizadeh, Maryam Momen, Safat Ahari, Naser Mohebi, Velayat Khoubdel


Twenty years ago, in a remote village, an old filmmaker named Kazem made a film on the sterility of the women villagers, but in order to protect their dignity, the women stole the footages and burnt them. Now, after two decades, the villagers find out that the men are barren and there is nothing wrong with the women. With the help of his assistant, Kazem tries to record some interviews with the infertile men to unfold the truth…

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Monday, Jan 29- 9:30pm

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