76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami

(76 daghighe va 15 sanieh ba Abbas Kiarostam/ مستند76 دقیقه و 15 ثانیه با عباس کیارستمی)

Documentary, 76 Minutes, 2016, Color, Iran

Language: Farsi with English subtitle

Director: Seyfolah Samadian

Producer:  Seyfolah Samadian

Cast: Abbas Kiarostami, Juliette Binoche, Massoud Kimiai, Jafar Panahi, Ali-Reza Raisian, Tahereh Ladanian, Hamideh Razavi


Banned from making films, Hasan is doubly frustrated that his muse, the actress Shiva, is working with other directors. His home life is faring no better. There are disagreements with his wife, and his aged mother is getting more and more detached from reality. But most galling of all, a serial killer is going about beheading Iran’s finest filmmakers, yet Hasan remains unscathed. Why, when he is one of the greatest, is he being completely ignored? There is much to enjoy in this social satire. The hilarity and hijinks that follow are quite unlike anything in Iranian cinema.


Born in 1954 in Oroumieh, Iran, Seifollah Samadian is a graduate of English Literature. He started his career as a photographer since 1968 and as a documentary filmmaker since 1978. He’s been involved as a jury, curator of photo exhibitions and running workshops in numerous national and international events and he’s also founding director of the Annual Image Visual Arts Festival and Tassvir Film Festival since 2003. He’s also running Tassvir (Image) Magazine as a founder and chief editor since 1991. He made his first short documentary film, “Iranian Revolution” in 1979 and his other films are: “India 82” (short documentary,1982), “Tehran, Fall of 83” (short documentary, 1983), “The White Station” (short video-art, 1999), “Tehran, 25th Hour” (short documentary, 1999), “The Art of Killing” (short video-art, 2003), “Bam, The 3rd Day, The 10th Day” (short documentary, 2004), “The Day You Were Not There” (short film, 2005), “Once Upon a Time, Marrakech” (60 minutes, documentary), “76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami” (documentary, 2016).


Venice (2016), Rome Asian Film Festival (2016), Tribute to Abbas Kiarostami in Villa Arson, Nice (2016), Montreal New Cinema (2016), Busan (2016), Antalya (2016), Cambridge (2016), Doc Lisboa (2016), Sao Paulo (2016), Valladolid (2016), Short Pastua (Almaty, 2016), Tokyo (2016), Iranian Film Festival Melbourne (2016), Iranian Film Festival UK (2016, Best Documentary Award), Tirana (2016), Kolkata (2016), Tallinn Black Nights (2016), Mar Del Plata (2016), India Film Festival in Goa (2016), Asia Pacific Screen Awards Festival Brisbane (2016), Ankara Films on Wheels (2016), JOGJA-NETPAC (Indonesia, 2016), Tbilisi (2016), Cinema Europe Bologna (2016), Marrakech (2016), National Museum of Cinema Turin (2016), Kino Saurus Indonesia (2016),Zagreb Human Rights (2016), Atlantic Documentary Festival (2016- Uruguay),  Dubai (2016), Kerala (2016), Cinema Carbone Mantua (2016- Italy), Glasgow Film Theatre (2017), Sofia Middle East & North Africa (2017), Antwerp Museum of Modern Arts (2017), Festival of Iranian Films Boston (2017), Doc Point Helsinki (2017), Goteborg (2017), Festival of Iranian Films Skopje (2017), Festival of Iranian Films Edinburgh 92017), Iranian Film Festival Chicago (2017), Belgrade (2017), Iranian Film Festival Washington DC (2017), Thessaloniki Documentary (2017), Navara Documentary (2017, Spain), Calgary Cinematheque (2017),rt Dubai (2017),  Cinema Star Strasburg (2017), Cineteca Madrid (2017), Vilnius (2017), Habitat Film Festival New Delhi (2017), Fribourg (2017), Istanbul (2017), Hong Kong (2017), Minneapolis/St. Paul (2017), Iranian Barcelona Author Cinema (2017), Ski Sehir (Turkey, 2017), UCLA Iranian Film Festival (2017), TIFF Cinematheque Toronto (2017),

Screening Date: Sunday, Jan 13- 9:30pm

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